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THE STORY OF Fourthwest photography


I have always had a passion for photography. In high school, I was the one that always had her film or disposable camera on hand with her friends… asking them to smile and getting in their faces.

Around fifteen years later, when I had my second child, I had a little nudge from a good friend of mine. She saw that I had this spark and saw that photography was something that I could excel at. I decided I wanted to document my children’s lives as authentically as possible; so they could look back on these images to see and FEEL what their childhood was like. My passion for photography began at home, and was born from a need to remember.

A need to remember the details of my daughter’s ringlet curls, and the dimples on my son’s chubby hands. To remember the way they danced together and the way they played with beloved toys. A need to remember certain details of their childhood home and town(s) they grew up in.

There is so much beauty in the everyday moments, and I would love to be able to tell your unique story through timeless images. Images that evoke raw and real emotion. Whether that be telling the heartfelt story of your wedding day, documenting your brand new baby that you have brought home, or capturing your family at your favourite local spot.