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Baby Olivia

To say I am lucky to have gotten to meet these amazing parents, would be an understatement. They booked me the day before her due date, for both a Fresh 48 and a Newborn Lifestyle session. She had sweet Olivia, two days later; a day after her due date, on March 14, 2018. Olivia was about 18 hours old when I got to meet her at the hospital. She needed a few cuddles at first to calm down, and then once she had some snuggles with her momma she was alert, curious and so calm!


I got to see them all again about eight days later for her newborn session in their beautiful home. She was a dream baby!!! She was awake and alert, and then would just fall asleep in her parents' arms. She let us move her around and didn't fuss hardly at all (except for when she was cold!) Definitely went down in the books for one of the easiest newborn in-home sessions I have done!