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Watt Family | Prince George Family Photographer

I have been following Alex on social media for quite some time. She is a doula and an amazing advocate for women and mothers, both their physical and mental health. I was so excited when she booked a family lifestyle session with me, as I just knew we would be friends. We hit it off immediately, and it felt like instant friendship. I can honestly say that doesn’t happen very often anymore! She is a constant source of inspiration to me and someone I am truly glad I met, and am getting the chance to know her better.

She will do amazing things as a doula, I can see that already. She is so supportive and tuned in to other’s feelings and emotions. If you are looking for a Doula - don’t hesitate to contact her here.

Thank you Alex for allowing me to capture you and your beautiful family. For allowing me to document the chaos that is having young kids, while still making every moment seem genuine and authentic. So glad I met you, my friend!

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Just look at that wedgie pick… 😂

Just look at that wedgie pick… 😂